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  Imperial Productions ® 


  Superwiggly Flexible ResinMold ®


  to Replace the Rotted Rounded


  Portion of Column Bases 





Rotted Column Bases are big problem!


Sometimes the only rotted part is the rounded profile of the base called the Torus.

Chisel away the broken parts and cover your base with our flexible Superwiggly ResinMold ®.  


If the base's or column's integrity is ruined due to age, you should replace the part of the column or the base totally with a new Hardwood base or a load bearing plug and a composite hollow base cover.


How to Order:

1) Supply us with a photo of your base

2) Remove the rotted round part and sand the remaining under part smooth

3) Take a piece of string and wrap it around the sanded area; the place where the new

     moulding will be applied 

4) Provide us with the length of the string which is the circumference of the place where the new moulding will be installed

5) We will calculate how much you need of the Superwiggly ResinMold and will do a quote for you





 For Tuscan Base Round Torus Portion













 For Attic Base Round Torus Portion 











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