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 Without prejudice and expressed for your benefit

 Here are a few tips on prolonging the life of  your wood product for exterior use. 


 Wood is a natural product that does rot over time, but with these

 notes you should get more life out of your wood products




 Type of


  Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc. sells wood specific for exterior applications.

  These woods are Western Red Cedar or White Pine. 


  When you get your new exterior wood base or column the following are

  recommendations for your consideration.  


  If your wood bases or columns are sitting on concrete make sure that there is poly

  (like you would use for vapor barrier) between the concrete and the wood, as concrete

  creates a chemical reaction with wood which will degrade it faster.  

  Concrete is alkaline and eats away at wood. 




Step 1:


 Treat the wood on all sides with a clear wood preservative. 

 Give them 3 coats allowing them to dry between coats.

 Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for application, storage and

 disposal of brushes and rags.  

  This is available on line or in many big box stores.


  USA:  Wolman Woodlife Classic

  Canada: Recochem Clear Wood Preservative




Step 2:


 Once the clear preservative is dry,

 prime the wood on all sides with 2 coats of exterior primer




Step 3:


 All 24 hours to dry and paint with 2 coats of Exterior Paint




 Step 4:


  Once installed use a paintable Silicone (make sure it is paintable) to seal

  any gaps or holes so that water is kept out.





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