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 Imperial Productions ®

 Modern Smooth

 Post Wrap Cylinders




  For Prices Select Column Height


  Smooth Cylinders & Post Wrap Covers




 4 Feet



 5 Feet

1.52 meters

 6 Feet

1.82 meter

 8 Feet

2.4 meter

 9 Feet


 10 Feet

 3 meters

 12 Feet

 3.6 meters

 14 Feet

 4.26 meters

 16 Feet  4.87 meters





 Material  1







 Hardwood Cylinders Smooth


 Mahogany, AmPoplar, Alder, Ash, Bass, Beech,

 Birch, Cherry, Finger Joint Pine, Maple, Sap-Maple

 Red Oak, White Oak


 Exterior: Knotty Pine, Clear Pine, White Pine,

 Mahogany, Western Red Cedar, White Oak

 All Custom made to Specific Sizes




 Material 2







 PolyCompTM is an FRP Product

 Load Bearing for Interior & Exterior Application

 70% Calcium Carbonate, 5% Marble Chips

 25% Poly Resins, No Reveals

 ASTM-E84-01 Fire Rated





 Material 3






 An Artificial Wood for Interior & Exterior Applications

 Primed White

 Insect, Rot and Water Resistant





 Material 4








A composite of alpha gypsum and water reinforced with glass fibers.  No toxic, no odors.  3/16" thick laminate that can be reinforced with wood or steel. 


Light weight 2-3 lbs per square foot

    .9072kg to 1.36kg per 30.48cm square


 Prime, Painting integration hardware by others

 Meets Class A ASTM-E84 Requirements



 Material 5








  coming soon



 Material 6






 coming soon




  coming soon



 Material 7






  click for Zeament Properties      

Light weight Composite of Portland Cement, Sand, Aggregates Alkali Resistant Fiber, Polymers, Adhesives & Water 1/2" thick 4-7lbs per square foot


 12 Finishes for Exterior Application

 Made from Molds in 2 parts - Reveal at Join Area

 Meets ASTM-E84 Requirements





 Material  8





   Click for Stonemold Materials     

 Light weight 2-5 lbs per square foot

 Creates the look of natural stone

 12 Finishes for Interior Application

 Meets ASTM-E84 Requirements




 Post Wrap



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  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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