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 Imperial Productions ®

 Doric Style - Smooth & Fluted



  Doric is part of the 3 orders  ancient Greek Columns.

 They have great appeal today in both classical or modern

  architecture.  Imperial can create custom reproductions for

  partial or whole columns.


  We sell them load bearing to hold up to 20,000 lbs or  

  decorative to wrap posts.  Imperial can create custom

   reproductions for partial or  whole columns.


  Finish your new Capitals & Bases with 

 Specialty Paints and Real Metal Coating 


 For Prices Select Heights



 Smooth Doric



 Imperial Heights       Metric Heights
 5 Feet  1.52 meters
 6 Feet  1.82 meters
 8 Feet  2.43 meters
 9 Feet  2.74 meters
 10 Feet  3.04 meters
 12 Feet  3.65 meters
 14 Feet  4.26 meters
 16 Feet  4.87 meters
 18 Feet  5.48 meters
 20 Feet  6.09 meters



   Fluted Doric


 Imperial Heights       Metric Heights
 8 Feet  2.43 meters
 9 Feet  2.74 meters
 10 Feet  3.04 meters
 12 Feet  3.65 meters




 Custom Columns, Capitals & Bases






 Standard Capitals and Bases sold separately 

 doric capitals from Imperial

 Attic bases for Decorative columns




 PDF Catalogs


















  Learn about design principles    how to preserve wood




 Material Summary




  Hand Crafted

  All parts can be customized


 youtube video about hardwood columns


  Interior Paint Only: Finger Joint Pine


   Interior Stain & Paint: American Poplar,  Alder, Ash, Basswood,

   Beech, Birch Cherry, Maple, Maple (Sap), Mahogany-African,  

   Oak (Red), Oak (White), Walnut


   Exterior (Stain & Paint)

   White Pine, Knotty Pine, Clear Pine, Western Red Cedar



   Made in 5 Parts

   Whole Shafts or Split for Pilaster & Post Wrap

   Custom Heights with the correct enthasis






 Interior / Exterior use

 Made from Molds

 Interior & Exterior Composite


  Gelcoat, polyester resin and glass fibers.  Lite weight 2-3lbs per square

  foot.  Weather resistant for earthquakes and hurricane zones. 

  Meets ASTM-E84 fire rating. 

  Water resistant for fountains and water displays.

  Mold 2 pieces, Bondo to cover seam, no customization, cut to height






 Interior / Exterior use

 Made from Molds

 youtube video all about polycomp columns

 Load Bearing Composite Columns 


  70% calcium carbonate, 5% marble chips, 25% Polyester Resins

  Meets ASTM-E84 fire rated.  Order whole or split for Post Wrap / Pilaster.

  No customization, cut to height, cut to height. 

  Post Wrap may involve modification of your load bearing posts

   or removal of tabs by others







 Interior / Exterior use

 Made from Molds




 Exterior Composite Columns 


 Lite weight Portland cement, sand, alkali resistant fibers aggregates,

 polymer adhesive and water. Smooth internally pigmented 12 colors

 Sandblasted for Stone Look, Hurricane, earthquake zone.

 Can be submerged in water  Meets ASTM-E84 Fire rating

 Odorless and emission free safe for indoor use. 

 Made with natural raw materials can experience light variations

 in color and texture. 

 Molded in 2 parts

 Seam remains as a reveal.







 Interior use

 Made from Molds



 Interior Composite Columns 


 Molded stone: Alpha gypsum, pigment, aggregates water and polymers.

 Looks like natural stone. Weight 2-5 lbs / Foot.  Sealed with clear finish. 

 Made with natural raw materials and may experience slight variation in

 color and texture. 

 Molded in 2 parts

 seam remains as a reveal. 





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