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 Imperial Productions ®

 Doric Capitals

 for Smooth & Fluted

 Doric Columns





 Doric capitals are denoted by the large top step which is absent in Tuscan Capitals. This slight design element makes them considerably more elegant

 Match Doric Capitals with Attic Bases to be Architecturally Correct



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  Doric capital catalog in Canada $   

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 Doric Caps


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   US $

 9 Pages PDF Catalog

  Doric capital catalog US$

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  Doric Caps


  Brochures & Movie Links

  Prices - FOB Factory Direct




 Custom Doric capitals are available in Hardwood

 Hardwood capitals are solid stave construction

 For Exterior we suggest White Oak, Cedar or Pine


  Composite capitals are available hollow only

  ArchPolymerTM, GRG-NeoPlasterTM

  GFRC-ZeamentTM - minimums apply



    Post Wrap Chart & Steel Load Posts






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    Column Materials



 is a synthetic wood, water

 rot and insect resistant 


 Material Properties ArchPolymerTM 




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 24 Hardwoods

  Fully Customizable &

  Historic Recreations




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