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Historic Reproductions (Custom Sizes)

    made from Hardwood,  Fiberglass, ArchPolymerTM, PolyCompTM ZeamentTM, StoneMoldTM, NeoPlasterTM



  From this......


 To this



   From Residential Applications to buildings of the National Trust

    Replace rotted capitals, bases and column sections with new elements

    made to exact measurements




 Attic Bases

 for Round




    click for PDF form




 Tuscan Bases

 for Round




    click for Tuscan Base Replacements


 If you don't

 want Custom

 check out our 











The Process for Historic Duplication of Columns







 Custom Full Column



 Step 1:  Take digital photos of the column   


 Step 2:  Measure the components to be



 Step 3:  Put all measurements on the photos or




 Photo 1:

 Long shot of the column

 so we can see it from a distance

 Measure the total height including

 the Capital, Shaft & Base

 from Top to Bottom



 Photo 2:  Close up of the capital

 Measure the square capital

 Width, Depth & Height

 Measure the diameter of each

 round section and the heights

 Measure the distance between

 the rings



  Photo 3:  Close up of the base

  Measure the square base

  width, depth & height

  Measure the diameter of each

  round section & the heights




  Notes for Measuring:

  On a true circle (round parts) 

  The diameter is the width of the round circle (half the diameter is the radius)

  If you cannot measure the diameter - take a flexible tape or string and provide us

  with the circumference (the length of the perimeter of the circle) 






 Step 2: 


 we need

 to know



 Question 1:   How many columns do you need?


 Question 2:   What kind of wood do you want - Are they for inside or outside use?


                           For exterior we suggest Western Red Cedar, Clear Pine, Douglas Fir, White Pine


 Question 3:   Do they carry load from above

                       If they do carry loads such as a support for a porch roof overhang, install

                       a pressure treated or metal post

                       to a secure base.   Let us know how big the supports are,

                       if they are round or square?

                       Order the new replacement column split to wrap your new supporting post

                       Always check with a structural engineer or qualified professional for load questions.  






 Step 3: 

 Email us


 Email us the photos with measurements and the column information from Step 4 to...     



 Step 6:  We will fax or email you a written quote for your approval with freight


 Step 7:  Once production begins - timing will be on your quotation






 Step 4: 



  We will fax or email you a written quote for your approval with freight


  All historic reproductions are all sales final, no cancellations or returns


  Once production begins - timing will be on your quotation









 How they Ship   All quotes include shipping insurance, EXW our Warehouse

  International Shipments:   Imperial ships to 16 countries


  Wrapping:  All columns are wrapped in bubble wrap and inserted into rigid cardboard sono tubes with wood plugs

  at top and bottom of the tube to ensure safe shipping.  There is a crating fee for this.  


  Courier:  for items under 8 Feet (2.4 meters)  can go by FEDEX 

   3 Levels of Courier Service:  Regular Ground see Fedex schedules from New York or Toronto 

                                            Expediated Ground:  Direct drop off to Fedex terminal Ground Shipment

                                            Fedex Air:  Direct drop off Fedex Terminal for Air Shipments

  Truck or Ship:  Any columns over 8 Feet must go by Truck or Ship and are skidded


  Packed in Bubble Wrap & Sono Tubes with Wood Ends   








  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585     416-264-6096  


            click here for trade registry program

  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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